Iron Wraps® - Heavy Duty Strength Wrist Wraps.

Iron Wraps® is the  Leading Company in the Brazilian Market, Producer and Exporter of Wrist Wraps for CrossFit®, Rugby, Parkour, Olympic Barbell and Freestyle Calisthenics athletes.

Iron Wraps® - Heavy Duty Strength Wrist Wraps

Iron Wraps® Wrist Wraps are composed of a 100% Peruvian Cotton and are 100% breathable, anti-microbial & hypoallergenic.

Recommended for athletes looking to have the maximum of performance during the WOD.

Athlete Marina Verão

"Blood, sweat and respect. First two you give. Last one you earn." 

With Iron Wraps, You can Conquer Safely and reach your maximum performance.

Go Hard, Lift Safe & Kickass !!

Athlete Roberto Tadashi

With Iron Wraps you Conquer, you win, you feel the safe lift and reach your maximum performance.

You become the show and not the spectator.

Lift Safe, Lift Heavy & Kickass !!

Iron Wraps Wrist Wraps: The most used Equipment for Calisthenics, Crossfit & Olympic Barbell.

Why do most professional athletes use this one equipment, these special wrist wraps.

Our Iron Wraps Wrist Wraps are so powerful and can take your training to the next level!

If you look at the athletes taking part in a competition, you will notice relatively quickly that most of them wear Iron Wraps Wrist wraps.

These Crossfit, calisthenics, Rugby & OlympicBarbell wrist wraps are made out of :

100% stretchy Peruvian Cotton fabric and without Velcro.

The purpose of an Iron Wraps is to provide support to the wrist joint during heavy or max effort lifts .

Iron Wraps - Barong Mask

Barongmask figure, usually representing an unidentified creature called keket, who appears at times of celebration in Bali, Indonesia. For the BalineseBarong is the symbol of health and good fortune.

Iron Wraps - Heavy Duty Strength Wrist Wraps with a touch of  "Good Energy".

The Badass Unicorn Collection


"I'm a Badass Unicorn, 



"Ask Your MoM if Unicorns are Real"



"I Eat Rainbows For BREAKFAST"

Iron Wraps®

Rua Serra de Jaire, 871

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Iron Wraps® HQ


Excelente servicio entrega rapida al exteriro y buena atencion, calidad del producto perfecto !!

Rodrigo Benegas

Iron Wraps have the best Wrist Wraps on the National and International market !! I have been using these wraps for years now and they are a life saver !! It`s great to be part of the TEAM Iron Wraps.

Shaye Patel

Produto de excelente qualidade. Muito confortaveis e ao mesmo tempo dao muita seguranca ao punho !! Sem falar que as estampas sao bem estilosas !! Iron Wraps esta de Parabens !!

Lyster Ostuni

Produtos muito bem feitos, duraveis e de otima qualidade !! Parabens !!

Thiago Pagotto Ferreira

Produtos de ótima qualidade, entrega rapida e otimo atendimento, recomendo  !!

Danilo Fernandes Garcia

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