Iron Wraps® - Badass Unicorn - Commander 01 edition.

Iron Wraps® - Heavy Duty Strength Wrist Wraps are made of 100% Peruvian Cotton Fabric with a Reinforced Stitching 5 Points. Making our Wraps the Best in the Market.  !!

Also we have the ´RIP-STOP Digital Camo. Tactical´ the same used in the Brazilian Police Force and Army.

Our Wraps are also  100% Hypoallergenic & 100% Anti-Bacterial.


The Badass UNICORN- COMMANDER 01  Logo has a strong meaning behind it, Authentic with a strong personality. Everybody wants to be an Unicorn and everybody wants to be a Badass  one too. On the Grind you will never be invisible again !!!

Improve your  Performance with our Badass Unicorn Wrist Wraps and you will Fly free towards your PR´S........Lift Heavy & Kick ass Like Badass Unicorn !!!

Have Fun & Don´t Forget ..... No Weakness !!

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